Saturday, March 19, 2011

Beat Clinic - ...same bed, different dreams (1990, Ajidah)

Well, as so often is the case with bands that expired before the '90s kicked in full-bore, I don't have much to offer on this Philly quintet who played polished, collegiate guitar-pop that would slot perfectly between the Miracle Legion and Crowded House.  In fact, there just might be something here for Smithereens fans too, not to mention aficionados of Arista-era Dreams So Real.  Beat Clinic weren't a particularly innovative lot, though ...same bed... boasts a trove of memorable selections including "Brenda On the Big Bed," "Just Around the Corner," and "China Doll." This rip was taken from an original cassette copy, although ...same bed... does exist digitally, as does Beat Clinic's debut, No Time to Walk

01. Blood Makes the Grass Grow
02. Hanging By a Thread
03. China Doll
04. Brenda on the Big Bed
05. The Pendulum
06. Mine
07. Your Dark Secrets
08. A Little Bit Confused
09. Three Little Words
10. Just Around the Corner
11. Crowded Shoulders
12. Perfect Strangers


David Strongos said...


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DeepKarma said...

If you like this record, just follow the John Faye's musical lineage...Beat Clinic > The Caulfields > John Faye Power Trip > Ike

bile said...

I've got this and their later "No Time to Walk" albums on CD. My uncle was in the band. I can give you higher quality rips if you'd like.

Leandra2848 said...

I've been trying to get a copy of "Take Me Back" by the Beat Clinic--loved that song in college (and still do!). Any ideas where I might find it?