Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Flies - s/t ep (1982, Czech)

This ep comes courtesy to us from the same Flies whose Get Wise LP I shared in January.  I mentioned then that they had an ep in addition to Get Wise, but I was mistaken.  They actually had two eps, and this appears to be their debut release, with a slightly different band lineup but still a trio.  While Get Wise was more of a more straightforward rock record, Flies is defiantly post-punk, edgy and angular (with perhaps the exception of Lori Green's relatively tender guest vocal appearance on "Fall Into Your World").   Not as accessible but still rewarding.   Absolutely love the clangy chord progression that leads into "Wanna Be A Rock'n Roll Star" (not the Byrds song, sorry).  Overall, this is in the same vein of Breaking Circus.

01. Wanna Be A Rock'n Roll Star
02. Fall Into Your World
03. Statement
04. In the Arnold Arboretum
05. -Ality
06. The Boulder Dam


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