Friday, March 4, 2011

Huffy - No High Five (1997, Metoo!)

Recently had a request for this one.  Since this is apparently still available from the label (Metoo! Records) I'm only going to be sharing this for ONE WEEK.  Three years ago I dedicated an entry to their superlative "Anything Goes" 7" on Ringing Ear Records, which is what prompted me to buy No High Five virtually as soon as it was released.  Boasting the sonic aptitude and overall aesthetic of the Doughboys, Dinosaur Jr, early Buffalo Tom and Husker Du, Huffy also had a singular frontman in Tim Lauben, whose pipes went a long way in defining the trio's sound.  Spirited and heartfelt, No High Five is indie rock manna from the bright blue skies.  If you like what you hear please click on the Metoo link above and support the band!

01. 50 Yard Dash
02. Chopper Pilot
03. Boil
04. Surfcaster
05. Bring It On
06. So Yeah
07. Lemon Lift
08. Punchee
09. Splinter
10. California
11. untitled

Buy it HERE!


Jonathan said...

Thanks a ton for this. Been wanting to hear it for quite some time after stumbling across the single in a shop a few months ago.

96Ataxic said...

This is a great record. LOVE IT. Don't know how I missed it the first time around. Another sweet heads-up, thanks!

Unknown said...

Hey, This is Nate Wells from huffy...Thanks for posting this!

Romulus said...

I discovered Huffy off the Coolidge 50 compilation (one of my favorite albums, which is apparently odd) and ended up getting NHF back in the day. Kudos!