Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Giant Mums - demo (1991)

I never thought that a search for New York's Giant Mums would yield much on Ebay, but low and behold I found this 1991 demo tape, engineered by the one and only Wharton Tiers no less.  Last October I heaped praise on their Eyedropper 7."  At the time I remarked about the Mum's resemblance to Dinosaur Jr.  Though you wouldn't know it from the vocals, the instrumental quotient of this trio sounds like they had been groomed on a steady diet of Green Mind prior to tracking these six songs to tape - that and maybe a little Buffalo Tom.  The Mum's also released a full length in 1994 that I'm getting closer and closer to buying. 

01. Pretty Milk
02. Starveling
03. Nunhead
04. California Sunshine
05. Glue Factory
06. Drain


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