Thursday, March 3, 2011

Singles Going Single #165 - 4 - The Past and the Present 7" (199?, Goldenrod)

More the exception than the rule for this blog, I don't have the exact release date on this.  Oh well.  4 was a side project of sorts for a phenomenal San Diego band fluf, who I dedicated an entry to (and their prime mover, "O") way back in '07. fluf drummer "Miles" comprises one third of 4's lineup, and although "O" (Otis Barthoulameu) didn't play on this snappy looking single, he did tweak the knobs when it was committed to tape.  I don't have any vital stats on the other players, Matt and A.J. (I suppose last names would help).  The Past and the Present's three numbers fall safely under the grunge-punk realm, particularly the b-sides (can you say Sub Pop era Tad?).  The relatively melodic a-side "Adjustable," wins my vote for the most satisfying track here, but then again what do I know?  I'm just a music blogger.  Folks, please feel free to shed any more light on these guys.  

A. Adjustable
B1. 3-Footer
B2. Popular


swim said...

I'm loving this, thanks.

Niteowl83 said...

To the blog owner, could you contact me off the blog? I have a favor to ask?

joseph kyle said...

cool--could you re-up those fluf records from your older post?

Buddhaboy said...

Cheers for this. Could you post their full length "Unusual Warmth" if you have it?

spavid said...

I don't have Unusual Warmth, sorry. The fluf ep and the Olivelawn links are still active, but will re-up the "O" 7" later this week.