Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Young Leaves - Life Underneath (2010) - a brief overview

Massachusetts indie-punk trio The Young Leaves seem to be carrying the torch of another likeminded trio from the same state, the utterly feferocious Moving Targets.   The Leaves second CD, Life Underneath offers a cavalcade of thick chugging riffs, a pulverizing rhythm section, and a throaty mouthpiece in Chris Chaisson who binds these rather raucous elements together with some poignantly tuneful (and LOUD) verbiage.  Along with the aforementioned Moving Targets, you might find the Leaves feeding from the same distortion-ridden trough as Husker Du, Samiam, and Overwhelming Colorfast.  Life Underneath is as consistently satisfying as you could expect from a group that can boast such influences, and although it's ten songs are cut from the same rugged cloth, there are subtle nuances among them all.  You can experience some tunes for yourself by clicking the Bandcamp link below, and if you enjoy what you hear, please patronize the Young Leaves while you're on Bandcamp or Big Cartel

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joseph kyle said...

it sounds good, but that cover art isn't doing them any favors!