Monday, February 21, 2011

Well Well Well ...And Rise (1988, Big Store)

I'm having a difficult time acknowledging that this rather arcane quartet, who sound like they were born and bred in the American Midwest, were actually a German export.  The biographical details I have pertaining to Well Well Well are largely confined to the back sleeve of this album, but the scorching opener, "Not Arrivin'," provides ample evidence that they absorbed their share of Minneapolis indie punk like a thirsty sponge.  There's definitely a mid-80s, heartland aesthetic coursing through ...And Rise, with arrows pointing to Athens, GA as well on occasion.  I can't say they pull it off as well as the Yanks they take such enthusiastic inspiration from, but the albums a good 'un and not to be passed over.

01. Not Arrivin'
02. Stella
03. Under the Spell of Mr. Moto
04. Breakfast Massacre
05. For the Love of
06. Dog Days
07. Colour Blind
08. Krüesh
09. Rise
10. Injustice + Boredom



Unknown said...
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96ataxic said...

They have at least 2 more records, and they are good....

lolo said...

hi, i'd really like to hear this band, I have just come across them on one compilation
Would you please re-up this?

Kind regards

tom1977 said...

hello!! please reupload NO ROSES AND PHOENIX? thank you my friend.gettings from spain

jonder said...

This album was reuploaded in 2017, and I missed it.
If you still have it, would you please upload it one more time?
I would very much appreciate it!