Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Findells - The Radiators Are Bleeding (1983)

When I purchased this almost three decade old record just last year, I never would have imagined that Staunton, Virginia's Findells were still active and performing live.  Granted, band members have come and gone that kind of longevity is no small feat.  As for myself, my only familiarity with the band is this cleverly titled LP that finds the quartet playing a warm strain of post-punk, merging the stylings of The Feelies and Mission of Burma.  Though I don't regard The Radiators Are Bleeding as crucial as the canon of those fawned over demi-gods, it's still an interesting and often engaging listen. In addition to the group's website linked above, there's a Findells blog page with a decent backgrounder.
The link that follows is a restored version of Radiators, that was passed along to me shortly after I shared my dust-clogged, noisy vinyl rip 

01. Sweet Darlin' Comfort Me
02. Penumbra Nine
03. Alien Dream
04. Hiroshima/Hiroshima
05. Lightning
06. Breaking Into People's Cars
07. Bicycle Thief
08. Dandelions/Parking Meters
09. Part Time Love
10. No Fingerprints
11. Surfers Are Dumb
12. Man on a Ladder


Jack Six said...

findells going strong since 1979

BigCarl said...

now available on CD- 30 years later!