Thursday, February 24, 2011

Dissonant Blue - Three in the Throat tape (1991, XOXONE)

What I found so alluring in the rather oblique sleeve of this demo cassette is something I'm still trying to figure out, but at any rate, it compelled me to purchase it.  Turns out my instincts regarding this long faded Minneapolis four-piece, fronted by one Melissa Ritter were fairly spot on.  The sitar laced, Middle Eastern-endowed opening instrumental "Prasna" is deceptive of what's to follow on Three in the Throat, but that's just fine, as Ritter commandeers Dissonant Blue in four intoxicating slices of lightly ethereal Anglo-rock, channeling the likes of the Sundays and Siouxsie and the Banshees, often within the same song.  Melding equal parts mystique and substance, Dissonant Blue had concocted a fine recipe, but given an absolute dearth of background info, at least Internet-wise, this tape may have been their one and only serving. 

01. Prasna
02. The River
03. Practical Harmony
04. Carry Me
05. 3-2-3 Bridge


tomdub_1024 said...

Wow, where and how did you find that? Oh, I'm the bass player on it...thank you for the good thoughts, nice to know after all this time... :)

Unknown said...

The things you find when you Google yourself! I was the drummer of Dissonant Blue. We made two demo tapes, that was the second one... but we broke up shortly after that. The guitarist, Paul Horn, had a band after that with Melissa's brother, Tim, called "Shapeshifter." Shoegazing stuff:

Later on Paul and I performed in a group called Ousia:

Thanks for finding and sharing the music!

Anonymous said...

reup please. Many Thanks !