Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Heliotroupe - Anything Under the Sun (1987, X-Factor)

I don't have much of a back story to offer on Olympia, WA's Heliotroupe.  Sorta bought this one on a whim based on the paisley-esque sleeve art.   Too short to warrant classification as an album, but lengthier than a typical ep, Anything Under the Sun beams with bright, if a bit non-descript collegiate rock with varying degrees of sophistication.  Amidst it's eight selections we're treated to the fairly commendable trifecta of "Won't Walk Away," "Live Today," and "Round 'n' Round."  One might guess Don Dixon or Mitch Easter had enshrined their fingerprints on the aforementioned, but neither had any part of Heliotroupe's foray into the vinyl world.  From what few details I'm able to glean, this disk may very likely have been self-released.

01. Color in the Dark
02. Won't Walk Away
03. Live Today
04. Time and Changes
05. The Other Side
06. Blue Moon
07. Round 'n' Round
08. Lexicon

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hectic zeniths said...

dug this out of a dollar bin and am really glad I did, sounds great so far