Thursday, February 17, 2011

Singles Going Single #162 - Sidecar - Swingset 7" (1995, What Else)

It takes all kinds of music to make it onto the rarefied pages of Wilfully Obscure, including the scrappy pop-punk of Ohio's Sidecar.  An intermittently active quartet from Mentor, Ohio, Sidecar dole out these four numbers at a dizzying hardcore pace, but do so without riding roughshod over some spirited harmonies.  Yeah, there's an amateurish bent to this 45, but since this was apparently the first time they committed their songs to vinyl we can surely forgive them.  Great fun though.  Two albums followed the Swingset 7," namely Three Wheel Heroes in '96, and All Those Opposed just prior to the turn of the millennium.  If you enjoyed the priceless Self album I shared last year, this is most certainly for you, not to mention '90s indie punk connoisseurs in general.

01. Sanity
02. Allright
03. Lame
04. Can't Stop

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Living Stereo said...

Hi, I'm Brandon and I played drums and sang for Sidecar. Thanks for keeping the spirit alive ... we made this 7 inch 2 months after forming and I have to agree with your summation ... it was fun, but we were just figuring it out. We made one last record that came out in 2003 called You're Killing Me, then called it a day.