Friday, August 14, 2009

The Wondermints - covers/demos (1988)

A lot of you Wondermints and/or power-pop aficionados in general have already been acquainted with a plethora of demos and rare tracks cut before the band's self-titled debut, courtesy of some outstanding uploads posted on Power Pop Criminals. Between the Mintsmania! and Our Music is Blue & Green With Purple Flashes "boots" there are over 40 songs to revel in - damn near enough to fill a box set...yet there was more. In 1988, the Mints cut a little under a dozen cover tracks by the likes of Pink Floyd, The Doors, Pretenders, Monkees, the Hollies, tv themes, and more that weren't widely circulated, if at all. Well, here you go. I won't give away anything more, however, topping things off is a stunning, totally unreleased original, "No One's Girl," brandishing the appeal of early Marshall Crenshaw, with a bit of a mid '60s flair as well. I don't have a band roster for this particular session, but who cares - it's the Wondermints!

01. See Emily Play
02. I'll Be True to You
03. All I Really Want to Do
04. Kid
05. Bus Stop
06. Outer Limits theme
07. Touch Me
08. Everybody's Talking
09. Tuesday Afternoon
10. Lost in Space theme
11. No One's Girl


Shriner said...

There can never be enough Wondermints! Thanks for this!!!

Rain Dog said...

Blissfully obscure tracks, we should say! Thanks!!

PS: Does anybody out there know where Bali(1998) can be found?

Haper said...

Great stuff. Thanks so much for posting. What do you know about this session? I haven't heard of this before.

popthinker said...

Hi, Spaz. Possible to re-up this? Many thanks!