Thursday, August 6, 2009

Cameraface - After the Scream (1988, Incas)

Late '80s Connecticut outfit, Cameraface sport a myriad of hats on their After the Scream mini-album, with frequent forays into demi-goth and howling post-punk rock. In fact things get so diverse here Scream plays more like a various artists collection, then the unified thought of any single entity. The quartet eventually pin the tail squarely on the donkey in the shape of side two's lead-off track, "When It Gets Dry," bristling with pop smarts and sinewy energy, recalling era acts like Carnival Season, and such exemplary 415 Records groups as Wire Train and Red Rockers. The next song in, "Glass to Shade" follows in familiar footsteps but doesn't quite bare as an immediate hook. It looks like original copies of After the Scream may still be available through the page linked above. Hot rockin' video action below.

01. Working Papers
02. Meet Them
03. Image
04. Good Bye Cattle
05. When It Gets Dry
06. Glass to Shade
07. Long as the Day

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Ron Sutfin said...

Hey Willie, I see you found the MTV video I posted on YouTube of my old band Cameraface. Kerry Miller the drummer and I still play together and have a band The Peacock Flounders with an album out "Hello Beautiful" I can send you a copy if you like. I also have vinyl releases of other CT bands that I was in over the years if you like. Cool blog!!! Ron Sutfin -- The Peacock Flounders We're playing in Astoria NYC this Saturday night Feb 27th at The Quays