Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Beat Temptation (Tim Lee/Windbreakers) - Concerned About Rock Music? (1985, Big Monkey/Homestead)

The bio for this album states quite plainly that despite the fact that Tim Lee of Windbreakers fame is the key figurehead in Beat Temptation, it's not to be considered a side project. Appropriate considering B/T were put under their own separate umbrella, because they really are an entity unto themselves, if only for the somewhat annoying saxophone wails, courtesy of Robin Sutliff, that puncture so much of the proceedings here. Without giving away too much about this eclectic set, Beat Temptation are at essence a college rock outfit, and certainly shouldn't alienate Lee fans, with the jangly "Bad Sermonette" being of some consolation to pop traditionalists. Side A closes out with a woozy, boozy medley of "What Goes On" and "1969," but I still contest that the sax accompaniment mars more than it embellishes.

01. Some Name
02. The Talk
03. Amnesia
04. What Goes On/1969
05. Fuzztone
06. On Your Mark
07. Bad Sermonette
08. Oh No! Not Love
09. Better Than You


Robin Sutliff said...

I'm actually proud of that stuff.

That sax was intended to make people real uncomfortable... That was a intent of the entire band, in fact. You really needed to be there.

Sorry you didn't like it.

Robin Sutliff

brooker said...

Hello, thanks for all the great music. I'm wondering if you could please re-up this one? Thanks in advance.