Saturday, August 8, 2009

Mark Gardener (Ride) - Live & The Knitting Factory, New York (2003)

Tonight I learned of the passing of one of my aunts, who for the better part of the past two years fought a valiant effort against cancer. Naturally, in moments like this I tend to enter a contemplative mode. This excellent solo acoustic recording from former Ride frontman Mark Gardener is one of my all-time favorites, and it while it hardly qualifies as part of my "misery soundtrack" (for lack of a better term) it's nevertheless a sobering and consoling performance, at least to this set of ears. Tracked from an April 2003 gig at New York's fabled Knitting Factory in lower Manhattan, the fourteen-song set was released in a hand-numbered run of 1000 copies, and was a precursor to Gardener's debut (and at this point lone) solo album, These Beautful Ghosts. It isn't so much the setlist that imbues Live @ the Knitting Factory with it's transfixing charm, rather Mark's utterly crisp, sincere, and lucid delivery. Up until hearing this, I never would have guessed that the loud, gauzy cocoon that enveloped Ride's early recordings would translate so well in an acoustic setting, with nary an iota of passion lost in the process. What you get here are roughly half Ride/half solo Gardener compositions, that somehow intertwine seamlessly and empathetically by way of one man and one guitar. Not to be overlooked by anyone. I believe this disk was posted on another blog a couple years back, but this was ripped from my own copy (#349) at a higher bitrate, and I've included complete sleeve art as well.

01. intro
02. What You Get
03. Beautiful Ghosts
04. From Time to Time
05. Chrome Waves
06. Magdalen Sky
07. Vapour Trail
08. Twisterella
09. To Get Me Through
10. Dreams Burn Down
11. Snow in Mexico
12. Drive Blind
13. interlude
14. Turn
15. In a Different Place
16. Leave Them All Behind


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goblins said...

Thanks!! I never would have guessed how well the ride classics translate!

cino_pacino said...

hey thanx for posting this one... excellent taste in music. you really have tons of good music here including this one. one of my faves...

Ralph Dodger said...
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Ralph Dodger said...

Sweet - many thanks! It's great to be able to decipher lyrics that had remained a mystery for many years!