Monday, August 17, 2009

V/A - Another Damned Seattle Compilation (1991, Dashboard Hula Girl)

Back in 1991 when this disk saw the light of day, I would have bought damn near anything adorned with the Mudhoney moniker affixed to it. They were my primary motivation for obtaining this long out of print location-specific Damned tribute album, and as often is the case with compilations, I got a lot more than I bargained for including a greater appreciation of the band it was dedicated too. Mudhoney's lightning fast redo of "Stab Your Back," satisfied as much as I had anticipated, but I was even more floored when Flop's rendition of "Disco Man" came blasting out two songs later. Skin Yard's tackling of "Machine Gun Etiquette" erupts with whiplash fury from second one and doesn't relent one iota thereafter. Killer. Nirvana and Soundgarden may be absent here, but much of Seattle's indie creme de la creme is present and accounted for - The Posies, Fastbacks, Love Battery, Gas Huffer, and Young Fresh Fellows (the latter appearing twice, including their choice of "Life Goes On," an obscurity from the Damned's not oft heard Strawberries album). Virtual unknowns lost to the mists of time like Freak, Big Satan Inc, and Whitey do fine takes of "Antipope," "Melody Lee," and "Wait for the Blackout," respectively. Lots of Damned, Damned, Damned and Machine Gun Etiquette material is covered here, but lesser known albums (like the aforementioned Strawberries) are represented too. Most amazingly, who would have guessed in '91 that the Damned would still be cranking out records and touring?

01. The Purdins - 1 of the 2
02. Young Fresh Fellows - Fan Club
03. Coffin Break - Love Song
04. Skin Yard - Machine Gun Etiquette
05. Gas Huffer - Suicide
06. The Accused - Neat, Neat, Neat
07. Love Battery - I Just Can't Be Happy Today
08. Motorhoney - Psychomania
09. Freak - Antipope
10. Flop - Disco Man
11. Hammerbox - New Rose
12. Derelicts - Born to Kill
13. Gruntruck - Nasty
14. Mudhoney - Stab Your Back
15. The Posies - Smash It Up
16. Big Satan, Inc - Melody Lee
17. Whitey - Wait For The Blackout
18. Fastbacks - Hit Or Miss
19. Young Fresh Fellows - Life Goes On


gobshyte said...

thanks very much for posting this.i bought this on wonderful see-through green vinyl when it came out.maybe that was what it came on anyway but it looks great!i havent been able to listen to this in years as i dont have decks at the moment to play vinyl so i really appreciate this version.cheers!

Longy said...

Excellent! Thanks alot for this one. There can never enough Damned related stuff about.

Unknown said...

Is there any way in the whole wide world you have, or have access to, a 1993 Seattle comp with Self-Help Seminar?

Either way, thanks again for an awesome site and service to the adoring public.

planckzoo said...

I have this on cd, it is one of the few tribute albums worth buying. It is a testimony to both the Damned and the Seattle bands doing the songs justice.
Thanks for posting this.
PS, Gobshtye, get yourself a new turntable and start spinning vinyl again! You will be glad you did!

spavid said...

Sorry Todd, I'm not aware of the compilation you speak of, but I wish you luck in finding it.

Nazz Nomad said...

dang! hanx!

fruity73 said...

this was the album that changed my life musically speaking. It introduced me to the wonders of Flop, The Posies, The Fastbacks and the Young Fresh Fellows (who I saw live in Madrid just last week) and their fabulous reworking of life goes on, all of whom now make up a significant part of my record collection

Unknown said...

Belated thanks anyway!

Kim said...

Thanks for the review and for keeping this one alive... I just found it in my stack of unripped CDs and I have no idea why I wouldn't have ripped it! It's a classic!

Megan D said...

The Posies track didn't end up on any of the re-issues, any chance of a re-up?

defmuse said...

Is there any possibility of re-uploading this compilation? Thank you in advance!