Friday, October 17, 2008

The Wrench - Worry When We Get There (1993, New Red Archives) & Cop Krueller 7" ep (1994, Mississippi Cake Hole)

It should be of little surprise that Buffalo's departed Wrench (formally Monkeywrench, before some certain Seattle luminaries forced them to truncate their moniker) followed in the footsteps of Queen City kingpins, the Goo Goo Dolls. Additionally, it shouldn't be much of a shock to see a production credit to Robby "Goo" Takac on the tray card of the Wrench's one and only album, Worry When We Get There. No power ballad's here mind you, rather the strain of full-tilt, melodicore punk that used to frequent the Goo's earliest and greatest albums like Jed and Hold Me Up. Moreover, mouthpiece Timo and company smack of Big Drill Car, albeit a tad more pedestrian. In fact, Timo could even be mistaken for BDC's Frank Daly at times. In a nutshell, The Wrench were perfectly tailored for the corner bar and the half-pipe.

As previously stated, Worry... was the quartet's lone album, and it's a good 'un to say the least. It was followed up by the even more accomplished and promising Cop Krueller 7" ep, which I assume was self-released. After their breakup in the mid-90s, Timo went on to helm the 7-10 Splits, whom you can learn more about via the hyperlink.
Worry When We Get There
01. Knowledge
02. That Punk Tune
03. It's Your Right
04. Have it Your Way
05. Here We Go Again
06. Can't Catch Me
07. No More, No Less
08. What's the Point
09. Nothin' Better
10. Tell Me Anything
11. No Dress for the Weather
12. Sometimes...
13. Girl
14. High Hopes (unlisted)
15. outro
Cop Krueller
01. Agree and Deceive
02. Worry When We Get There
03. Stay
04. Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda


jimmybuttons said...

hmm, early goo goo dolls and big drill car comparisons, and this band seems to have escaped my radar until now. can't wait to give this a listen!

evr said...

TImo was (and still is) one of the coolest people from the '90s B-lo music scene.

Unknown said...

I knew the members, did some work for them in the 90's worked w/ scott and eileen at BKwik

Evil Fruit Lord said...

Saw these guys a number of times back in the 90's and even went to school with the guy on the album cover (though he was quite a bit older than me...he lived just up the street).

"Girl" was a popular song among my high school friends, and my old band used to play it occasionally.

Kind of sad the Wrench never put out more stuff.

Unknown said...

Awesome stuff. Hey didn't they put something out as Monkey Wrench like a demo or something? Never made much sense to me to change the name, these guys fromed in 1989 and Mark Arm's band formed in 1991. Hard to believe anything with Tim Kerr would be fucking anybody over.

Unknown said...

I love this blog. It seems like everything posted something I could get into. Could you please re-upload this Wrench stuff as well as the Milf stuff? I'd appreciate it! You should make shirts of this blog. I'd wear one. Thanks!

Adam said...

Love this! Reminds me of a lot of the Dr. Strange stuff from the early-to-mid 90s... i.e. Brown Lobster Tank. Thanks for sharing!

Snow said...

They just released a new album. Find it here

[OMIT] said...

They are remastering their back catalog for re-release soon.

Neal said...

reissue of cop krueller, some other old stuff and a new album here:

Buffalo Music Archive said...

I saw them a few times performing with Scary Chicken back in the day. Can you please re-upload "Worry When We Get There" if you have the opportunity? Thank you very much!