Friday, October 3, 2008

Waves of Grain - The West Was Fun (1985, Stonegarden)

Just as this blog was in it's infancy, I stumbled on a post for Waves of Grain right here, and was compelled to track down the The West Was Fun. As the author determined himself, the album wasn't quite what he had longed for, but nevertheless was able to appreciate at least a few songs. That's roughly my conclusion as well. A California trio, Waves of Grain were archetypal '80s college rockers with good tunes, and even a few remarkable ones, including "Catch Me Falling," which wouldn't sound far out of place on an early dB's record, with a faint coating of The Ocean Blue I might add. Go crazy.

My apologies for the pesky vinyl noise.

01. How the West Was Fun
02. Kelly N.S.A.
03. She Must Be in Love
04. Kinetic Passion
05. Catch Me, I'm Falling
06. She Said Yes
07. When I Said ''I Love You'' (Marie, Marie)
08. Horizon Cinema
09. Upstairs Where the Air is Better

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