Monday, October 20, 2008

Singles Going Single # 74 - Overwhelming Colorfast 7" (1992, Sympathy) + bonus: Sourdough ep (1995, Goldenrod)

Many groups have cited Husker Du as a primary influence, but Overwhelming Colorfast were among the few who sincerely lived up to that claim. An utterly robust and melodically inclined San Fran-area quartet, vocalist/axe-slinger Bob Reed happened to possess a voice none-too-dissimilar to Bob Mould. Despite the comparisons, OC nevertheless managed to forge their own trail, resulting in three albums, a pair of eps, and this single (which I believe was their first release), all in the span of five years or so.
The band's three song debut single for Sympathy for the Record Industry laid out the general OC blueprint that would largely remain undisturbed in the ensuing years. "It's Tomorrow" was later rerecorded for their self-titled 1992 album on Relativity, while a little later "Toss Up was retooled for Overwhelming's sophomore effort, Two Words.

1995's Sourdough ep houses some of my fave Colorfast songs, specifically the rivetingly tuneful charge of "Coming Around," and "Hipster." Elsewhere on the record, the title-cut makes for affecting, bittersweet ballad. Closing things out is a cover of the Stones "Sway." Sourdough was followed up by the band's strongest full-length to date, 1996's Moonlight and Castanets. That album and their debut are currently being hosted on the always impressive Feelin Kinda Froggy blog, while copies of the single may still be available through Interpunk.
A. It's Tomorrow
B1. Toss Up
B2. Roll the Ocean
Sourdough ep
01. How It Should Be
02. Sourdough
03. Coming Around
04. Hipster
05. Whizzer
06. Sway


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