Sunday, October 5, 2008

Gem - singles, etc

In response to my recent posting of Gem's totally boffo Hexed LP and I Am a Tree ep, someone requested I seal the deal with an upload of their singles recorded for the Lakewood, OH-based Carcrash Records label. Recorded prior to the album, the respective A-sides of these records, "Sheep," and the crucial "Suburban Girl," would find their way onto Hexed in unaltered form, so far as my ears can tell. The b-sides are exclusive, but I wouldn't get too excited. "Suburban Girl's" flipside, "Drool" is merely an instrumental.

In addition, I'm tacking on two Gem contributions to a 1995 compilation called Big Wave, that was included with an issue of Cle Magazine. One of these songs, "Blow Daddy-O," is a Pere Ubu cover, which also appeared on a tribute album to the band, Ubu Dance Party.

from first Carcrash Records single:
01. Suburban Girl
02. Drool

from second Carcrash Records single:
03. Sheep
04. Smiling All the While

from Big Wave compilation (not my rip by the way):
05. Figments
06. Blow Daddy-O

Enjoy, and get your 'charmadang' on.


panzan said...

I beg to differ, "Drool" rocks so well it doesn't need vocals. Thanks for these. iou.

Lucas Gelati said...

Oh, these songs have been deleted. :(

spavid said...

Just updated the link. Thanks for the alert Lucas.