Sunday, October 26, 2008

Fire in the Kitchen - Theory of Everything (1990, Behemoth)

Don't have much in the details department to share regarding Fire in the Kitchen, but for starters you can visit their website. In fact, what little I can tell you about them I plundered from Used Bin Forever blog, which was my first exposure to the band.
This album, along with a handful of singles, were recorded in or around 1990. Based in New York (and apparently still playing the occassional gig), they have nothing on CD to their credit, and something tells me a reissue isn't in particularly high demand. You might detect trace elements of Mission of Burma, Agitpop, and the like on Theory of Everything, but otherwise they do their own thing, albeit a bit nondescript. "Showboat," "Between the Bottles," and "The Fog," all boast sweet, melodic guitar lines, and help prop up some of Theory's less engaging selections. I might post their singles at a later date.

01. MacDeth
02. Showboat
03. Hen Fist
04. Body and Bone
05. It Always Does
06. Madame Curie
07. The Fog
08. Change
09. Between the Bottles
10. Whole Lotta Love (not the Zeppelin song)
11. The Time Beats On


Average White Dad said...

I picked up this LP back in the day and have always had a soft spot for "Showboat". The most notable thing about FitK was that they were fronted by Bob Bannister, who was later in the far more experimental Tono-Bungay. Bob has a blog her eon blogspot:

spavid said...

Link has been updated.

Casey said...

I have a single by FITC - I'd love to hear the album. Can you re-up this one? Thanks!

Bruce Brodeen said...

Absolutely one of my favorite (so-called) indie-rock albums. I picked this up when it came out in '90 from one of the many cool indie rock mail order companies during this era and was blown away by their hummable yet still frenzied Mission of Burma punk attack. Only had this one vinyl so I greatly appreciate having digitally. THANK YOU!