Sunday, October 26, 2008

Singles Going Single # 77 - Half Hour to Go Don't Forget the Children 7" ep (1994) PLUS Items For the Full OutfitCD (1996, Grass)

Half Hour to Go were a northern New Jersey trio that hashed out a few recordings in the mid-90s, but given their propensity to sound uncannily like Archers of Loaf and Polvo they might as well have transplanted themselves to North Carolina. Okay, maybe that’s a bit of a stretch but HHtG’s wirey inspirations were fairly obvious to indie-guitar rawk connoisseurs. Even upon initial examination of Items For the Full Outfit, and it’s preceding single, Don’t Forget the Children, these guys ooze from every pore the archetypal texture and hue of that misbegotten era. Know what I mean, Vern? You can read an article about HHtG here. According to their Myspace page some or all of the members relocated to California.The 7” comes courtesy of I-sore Records, a NJ label that at the time had planned a series of 5” records, as part of a “club” not unlike Sub Pop’s Singles of the Month thing, but from what I understand it never came to fruition. Items… had the oversight of one of the most respectable and interesting indie imprints of the era, Grass Records. A trademark of quality if there ever was one.

Don't Forget the Children 7"
01. MomentSpur
02. Grandpa's Blue Bus
03. Big
04. Shave + outro

Items For the Full Outfit
01. Shave
02. Ellison Jelly
03. Theatre in the Round
04. Fishy
05. John Glenn
06. Eleventeen
07. Slick
08. Can mack Draw?
09. MSY
10. X-it
11. When Propaganda Sings
12. Bocour

Don't Forget the Children:
Items For the Full Outfit


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