Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Special Goodness - At Some Point, Birds and Flowers Become Interesting (2001)

Thought I'd throw this on here before I send it to the lucky Ebay winner. The Special Goodness is the side-project for Weezer guitarist, Buffalo's very own Patrick Wilson. The self released At Some Point... is the second Special Goodness album (aka "Pinecone"). Sonically, these songs come from the same place as the last couple of Weezer albums, but without Rivers on board, not as stimulating or for that matter charismatic. This album was followed up by the Epitaph released Land Air Sea. Enjoy (or not).

01-You Know I'd Like To See
02-The Story Is Wrong
03-Life Goes By
04-Whatever's Going On
05-Let Go
06-Say It
07-Let's Go Down
08-Reason To Worry
09-What You're On


Optimist Prime said...

thanks for posting this.

Anonymous said...

I have been searching for this album for a long time. Awesome...thank you.

joeyconigs said...

Any chance of getting this album reposted?? The link on here doesn't work. Thanks!!!

Aaron Veenstra said...

Would love a re-up of this!

liknzelda said...

Yes please please please reupload this! This album is SERIOUSLY not anywhere on the internet, I've been searching for hours! Only the first half of it is, and most of those songs have been included in their followup albums. It would help a lot if you updated the link!