Sunday, April 13, 2008

Ken Stringfellow - SXSW 2004, Austin, TX

This cd-r of Ken Stringfellow's performance at SXSW in March of 2004, was given away for free with pre-orders of his third solo effort, Soft Commands. No room for Posies (or Saltine) material here folks, but Ken's solo work succeeds just as well by it's own merits. The emphasis here is on Soft Commands selections, as well as choice cuts from his preceding solo record, the even more stimulating Touched. Just Ken, a guitar, and a modest audience. No venue info provided. An impeccable soundboard recording, with entertaining inter-song chatter. No venue info provided.

Ripped @ sparkling 256 kbps. Enjoy. 
01. introduction
02. Death of a City
03. Cyclone Graves
04. chatter
05. Known Diamond
06. chatter - switching to guitar
07. chatter - music theory
08. Any Love
09. chatter - tuning, back catalog intro
10. The Lover's Hymn
11. chatter
12. Here's to the Future 


bobsy said...

hey and thanks for the really great stuff up here.

downloaded this but the rar archive doesn't extract properly. it stops at track 9 with this message :

! D:\Download Folder\KS_SXSW04.rar: CRC failed in Ken Stringfellow - SXSW 2004\10. The Lovers Hymn.mp3. The file is corrupt
! D:\Download Folder\KS_SXSW04.rar: Unexpected end of archive

Rob-in-Brevard said...

Link is dead, but would love to hear this.

Would you please consider a re-up?


ehprh12 said...

Please re-up this. I would love to hear it. Thanks.