Thursday, April 3, 2008

Chapterhouse - Pearls and Treasures (1990-91)

For any of you familiar with Chapterhouse, I need not go into how immensely superb they were, if only for one mind blowing album, 1991's Whirlpool. For everyone else, you can safely be forgiven, as it probably isn't your fault that you haven't been acquainted with them, thanks to the press and indie radio stations that were too busy drooling on themselves over much more anointed dream-pop titans of the era, My Bloody Valentine and Lush. Though this Reading, England quartet were of first class caliber, they were forever treated as second-string newbies, and never enjoyed the limelight. As far as early '90s shoegazer rock goes, there were many outstanding bands, but I have yet to find one that was as ethereal, transporting, and utterly engulfing as Chapterhouse.

Though they blew it on their 1993 followup, the dance heavy, Blood Music, and split shortly after, Whirlpool is crucial listening. You can obtain the 2006 reissue of it here. To the converted, Pearls and Treasures is a collection of radio session tracks and live cuts from two different concerts, that makes a fine companion to the band's halcyon era album. I know, like you really need three different versions of "Something More" on one disk. Chapterhouse weren't terribly prolific, so take what you can get and enjoy.
ripped at 256 kbps
Mark Goodier session
01. Breather
Peel Session 10/7/90
02. Falling Down
03. Something More
04. Inside of Me
London, Marquee 9/3/91
05. Breather
06. Something More
07. Treasure
08. Then We'll Rise
09. Pearl
10. Autosleeper
Paris, La Locomotive 4/13/91
11. In My Arms
12. Something More
13. Come Heaven
14. Feel the Same
15. Pearl
16. Autosleeper
17. Falling Down
18. Rain


Monkey Flinging Poo said...

Hey, not a specific comment to Chapterhouse, but just a thanks for all of your posts. You've put up some stuff I really have enjoyed over the months.


evr said...

Saw them in Toronto on the Whirlpool tour. Pretty great live. That Blood Music album kinda sucks pretty hard!

By the way, the guitar player with the hat on ended up in Mojave 3 so he's 2 for 2!

RC said...

could you re-up the link to part 2? Seems it's gone for Rapidshare. Many thanks and a superb site!

Machig said...

Likewise can you reup the part 2

Keep up the good work, Thanks

Arturo said...
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Arturo said...

Please Re-upload part 2...

Thanks in Advance!


Arturo said...

many many thanks for the Reupload!!!!

Feliz Navidad!

SilenceIsDeafening said...

re-up all of this?

spavid said...

The link has been updated.

Boomhaueruk said...

Careful with that Whirlpool reissue, early cds were ripped from a nasty mp3 source.

spavid said...

Hmmm. Not encouraging since I bought the reissue right when it came out. Hope they rectified that.

Shoegazer93 said...

Where can I find this 'Pearls and Treasures' CD compilation?

Andy G said...

Picked up Whirlpool when it was released and it is top drawer. Not mentioned is their single thatt came out shortly thereafter - Mesmerise - perhaps the pinnacle of shoegaze.

Also, Global Communication's reworking of Blood Music is an excellent IDM release from around '94.