Monday, April 28, 2008

Singles Going Single #34 - Chopper One 7" (1995, usaside1/Dummy)

Even in the John Luerssen-penned Weezer bio River’s Edge, from 2004, it’s somewhat unclear whether original ax-slinger Jason Cropper was exiled from, or left the band on his own volition, but Chopper One would wind up being his cup of lemonade extracted from the proverbial lemon. Considering the lucrative entity Weezer would soon become, I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t Cropper’s loss, but as far as I’m concerned it was River’s as well, evidenced by the strength of the two songs here, and even more so on Chopper One’s debut album, Now Playing. Jason’s sonic template paralleled River’s to a certain extent, not the least of which being the fuzz-addled guitars, but I’ve always found Chopper One’s material more relatable and endearing. Admittedly, Now Playing’s revisions of “Free Lunch” and “Mr. Waldon” were an improvement over these vinyl incarnations, but eminently catchy as they are, it’s hard to complain. You can obtain Now Playing for mere pennies on Half and Amazon.

A. Free Lunch
B. Mr. Waldon

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youngbroose said...

Thanks for this. I immediately remembered Jason Cropper's voice when I played it. I am having so much trouble finding the S/T CD to purchase and/or download anywhere on line. Any chance you know where I might find it? Thanks.