Monday, April 28, 2008

Singles Going Single #33 - Shufflepuck (1994, Catapult)

L.A.’s Shufflepuck first came onto my radar via the Hear You Me! compilation CD. Upon hearing their absolutely flooring “Where the Hell is She?” I went on an immediate manhunt to procure any sliver of info on a relentless quest for more Shufflepuck material, and by and large my efforts weren’t terribly fruitful. That was until I found this single, featuring an alternate version of “Where the Hell...,” and the accompanying flip, “Fool Like Me,” both devastating slices of riveting, power chord-laden power-pop, or at any rate a heavier variation thereof. In the coming years I eventually made contact with Shufflepuck lead-man Adam Orth, and furthermore learned that the band had their proverbial wings clipped just as their first major label album was slated to hit shelves, which you can read all about here. If “Where The Hell’s” mesmerizingly addictive hooks weren’t enough to perk your eardrums, the song touches on a subject that spells ‘worst-case scenario’ for many, if not all men pursuing the fairer sex…and strangely enough you can hum along to it.

A. Where the Hell Is She?
B. Fool Like Me


Rêveur said...

Hello, it's so nice to see that someone else has paid attention to this great song!

I've been trying hopelessly to find the other songs from Hear You Me, I just have this one, If I go, Yesterday When I Was Handsome and Iceland. I tried to find somewhere to buy the CD, but I live in Argentina, and Amazon doesn't ship here. Have you got any clue where I can find any (or all of) this song? I'd be very thankful if you can help me.

spavid said...

I'll try to upload the whole compilation in the near-future. I'm lucky enough to have an original.

Rêveur said...

You sure are lucky!
I'll be looking forward to it. Thanks again :)