Saturday, April 5, 2008

Smudge - Tea, Toast & Turmoil (1993) & Hot Smoke & Sassafras ep (1994)

Never heard of Smudge? Chances are, if you're a Lemonheads fan, you have likely heard Tom Morgan's (Smudge frontman) songs, including "It's A Shame About Ray," and "The Outdoor Type." In fact, co-songwriting credits between Tom and Evan can be found all over Come On and Feel the Lemonheads. Defunct (with the exception of a few recent one-off gigs), co-ed power-trio Smudge hailed from points south, Sydney, Australia to be exact. Evan Dando has returned the favor by penning songs for Morgan, as well as a tribute song to Smudge drummer Alision Galloway, in the form of "Alison's Starting to Happen" from It's a Shame About Ray.

Smudge existed for the better part of the '90s, but only their first two albums saw any distribution in North America. Morgan and Co. had a penchant for up-tempo, riff-happy power pop with an emphasis on conciseness and the kind of hooks to give a right nut for. 1993's Tea, Toast & Turmoil was their debut album, rife with bitchin' two-minute ear confections, adorned with clever wordplay. In a perfect world, "Spoilt Brat," and "Don't Want to Be Grant McLennan" should have been universal classics that usurped the hollow dreck churned out by such embarrassing contemporaries as Hootie and Collective Soul.

The Hot Smoke and Sassafras ep came a year later, delivering more brisk, tongue-in-cheek tunes. Manilow, their second proper album broke Smudge to a larger audience in Oz, but did little to make waves Stateside. The two disks this post concerns are out of print, but Manilow was reissued as a splendid, two-disk deluxe edition, on Half a Cow Records.
"Somewhere between the Lemonheads and Husker Du, she keeps on getting on top of the sink but she can't get on top of you." from "Alison" 
Tea, Toast & Turmoil
01. Superhero
02. Missing You
03. Spolit Brat
04. Straight Face Down
05. Outside
06. Make All Our Dreams Come True
07. Pulp
08. plug It Up
09. Divan
10. Alison
11. Don't Want To Be Grant Mclennan
12. Stranglehold
13. Dabble
14. Leroy de Foix
15. Tea Toast & Turmoil
16. Foccacia
17. Steak & Chips
18. Babaganouj

Hot Smoke & Sassafras ep
01. The Wrong Pony
02. I Am Not the Cosmos
03. Coal Srge
04. My Bright Idea
05. It's Over
06. Tenderfoot
07. Guess I'm a Goner
08. All the Money in the World Can't Buy You A Near Death Experience 
These are now available on iTunes and Amazon.


WebInFront said...

wow, smudge sounds like an excellent band. thanks for the albums.

i have one small request if that's possible. could you please upload something from bands such as butterglory & tsunami? Any full length from versus would be appreciated as well.

You're doing a great job, keep it up!

Anonymous said...

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Chris said...

Do you have Mike Love Not War. I really want to hear Smudge's version of Weep Woman Weep.

Unknown said...

Hello again
Can you please repost these Smudge apbums?
Thank you very much

spavid said...

Thanks for the request, but I've been meaning to update this informing everyone both of these are now on iTunes and Amazon downloads. Hope that doesn't bum your trip.

Unknown said...

Thanks anyway.