Friday, April 18, 2008

Dragnet - Life in General (1988, Whittier)

Yet another bargain bin find that panned out nicely. I have precious little info to disclose about this Minneapolis punk-savvy, power trio, but even the briefest listen to Life in General will yield that Dragnet were undeniably a product of their era, and more tellingly, location. You could say some of their Mpls contemporaries rubbed off on them just slightly (ha ha). The proceedings here lean a bit pedestrian at times, but Dragnet's revved-up fervor, as well as a deliberate-or-not penchant for keeping all of the dozen songs here under the three minute mark, compensates more than satisfactorily.

01. Recycled Day
02. Five Days
03. Love is Green
04. So Sincere
05. Situation Nowhere
06. The Race is On Today
07. Did You Compromise
08. Falling Down
09. Just Disappear
10. Life in General
11. Radio Won't Play
12. Did I Say


starkweather444 said...

Does anyone have the "So Blind/Around The World" single? I am desperate!!!!

jmhouse said...

On Discogs someone in Europe has a pretty reasonably-priced copy of the So Blind 7" for sale. It's a little spendier through the domestic seller.

It's a great little record!

ate2zee said...

Thanks for this Dragnet! Just noticed your comment about it over on Noise Addiction--my lucky day, I guess.

shimpala said...

@starkweather444, I could probably help you get the single if you're still looking for it. The drummer is my husband.

Unknown said...

I love Dragnet! Discovered them recently. I live in Minneapolis, and was happy to find another MN gem. If anybody has any extra copies of any of their records please let me know! My email is

Also this download link is dead, you should fix it!