Friday, April 4, 2008

Singles Going Single #27 - The Affected 7" (1991, Rubber)

There's not a whole lot of info floating around in cyberspace on this long gone Aussie trio. I discovered The Affected by virtue of their debut (and perhaps only) album, the ingeniously titled A Fate Worse Than a Fate Worse Than Death, in 1994. Brandishing a searing, indie-punk panache with a faint but bratty No Depression-inflected sneer tacked on for good measure, The Affected were about as genuine and earnest as they came, especially by today's standards. Much rawer than their comparatively refined album, this 45's gloriously powerful thirteen minutes finds the Affected on a blistering tear, on par with some of the choicest, American indie rock, circa 1986. And that's a damn good thing.

01. Livin' a Lie
02. What
03. Cutdown
04. Feelin Alright

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Unknown said...

Just picked up a copy of this in a joblot - signed on the back n'all, though seems "Stui" had left to be replaced by "Vinnie" at whatever point that happened. Presentably enthusiastic sounds, certainly a little bit generic of the time (early Lemonheads/grungy "Bleach"isms etc), but any recording with a fadeout as appallingly executed as at the end of "Feelin' Alright" will always win over my DIY Lo-Fi heart !!