Saturday, June 15, 2019

The Rainyard - Ice Cream Overdrive tape (1989)

I never had much invested in The Rainyard, but finding files of this exceedingly scare tape a couple decades after the fact made me wish I'd been tipped off to them.  Perth, Australia was their corner of the globe, and a fertile locale it was, with the band sharing the same stomping grounds as The Stems, Early Hours, and The Hairs, among dozens of others pop-centric guitar wonders of the day.  The modest, homegrown proposition it was, Ice Cream Overdrive is oddly enough seismic in terms of what it brings to table as far as hooks and jangle are concerned, because it sounds like they've cornered the market on both via superlative cuts like "Your Way Mr. Leary," "Beneath the Skin" and "1000 Days."  It wouldn't be too far fetched to surmise these guys absorbed a lot of Brit indie imports from a few years prior (say, early Primal Scream), and perhaps by pure coincidence didn't seem to be far off the mark from what the Stone Roses had baking in the oven at the time.  Primo stuff.  You can check out more from the Rainyard as well as related subsequent projects over here.

01. Beneath the Skin
02. Wasted Rain
03. Your Way Mr. Leary
04. What Kind of Joke
05. 1000 Days
06. Another Yesterday
07. Night Unkind
08. What's Left is Said


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