Sunday, June 9, 2019

...and everyday we'll eat toothpaste and pretend we like the taste.

From 2007.  This one is sure to be polarizing - as in a good 85% of you will be polarized into the camp that never, ever wants to encounter this again.  Conceived as something of an inside joke, this album may seem easily dismissible given it's rampant chaos and juvenilia, and is in fact the least essential full-length this band has to offer.  Truth is, it's surprisingly addictive thanks to a bevy of offbeat melodic structures...but you'll have to invest a couple spins in it to find out.  Am curious to see if any of you are up to the challenge. 

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Ape Mummy said...

Oh, this is such a fun record. I remember these folks reminding me of a more teenage version of Piebald.