Saturday, July 1, 2017

Magnatone - s/t (1997, No Alternative)

My apologies for not being able to get much in the way of new music this week.  Hope this will suffice.  Swiping their moniker from an amplifier manufacturer, Magnatone were presumably a Twin Cities export.  Their riff-laden power pop recalls Bash and Pop, The Figgs, and amazingly The Muffs, albeit not always as consistently inspired as those '90s powerhouses.  Lead Tone Tom Rosenthal occasionally slips into a microphone mode not too-dissimilar from Elvis Costello (check out "Make Up Your Mind") with my spidey senses telling me that's more coincidence than shtick.  Best of all, Magnatone isn't one of those front-loaded platters that sequence all the good songs at the beginning, instead gradually gaining steam, or at the very least not losing momentum. 

01. Merry-go-Round
02. Walk Away
03. Johnny Bravo
04. Up in Flames
05. Magnatone
06. Cry Baby
07. Drag City
08. Short Sweet & Simple
09. Make Up Your Mind
10. Listen/Tell Me


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Michael Toland said...

A lot of my power pop loving friends adored this record. I think they ended up being a one-and-done. Whatever happened to Tom Rosenthal?

dgen said...

oh yeah I remember them playing a lot at the fine line. Good mesh of indie and power pop.

joseph kyle said...

Oh, man, Magnatone! I booked them on this album's tour, and they were a fantastic, fantastic live band. Too bad they didn't do anything else. You're right; this album is tight from top to bottom, not a bum note in the lot!