Thursday, July 27, 2017

Afraid of Stairs ep (2006, Lavender)

My apologies for not having much ready to go this week.  Will try to dispense a few goodies out over the weekend.  in the meantime, how about some gauzy, heavy-handed dream-pop from Sweden?  That's what Afraid of Stairs have in mind.  I'm tempted to throw the "nu gaze" tag onto this ep, only thing is, it isn't quite so new anymore.  In any case, you'd be hard pressed to find unsatisfactory music of this ilk, and rest assured, this duo are no exception.  Better yet, AoS don't plunder wholesale from any of their twentieth century forefathers (i.e. Ride, Swervedriver), rather they're content to nibble around those peripheries, putting their own quasi-delirious spin on things.

01. Tell Him How You Feel
02. Tell Me
03. When Nothing
04. They Aimed Bad

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