Friday, July 28, 2017

Ex Lion Tamer - Go Ghost (2006, Tinstar Creative Pool)

As if it wasn’t enough for the New York by way of Tel Aviv trio, Ex Lion Tamer to wear their Sonic Youth homage like a red band of courage on their collective sleeve, they even hired original SY producer, Wharton Tiers to lovingly helm the production of this disk. Singer/guitarist Zoe Polanski and Assaf Tager prodigiously exude the uncanny interplay that Thurston and Kim perfected during their mid-80s reign.  It’s hard not to succumb to Go Ghost’s more tuneful (read: accessible) forays like “In hope of An Evil Star” and “Japanese Flower“ both of which have dream pop tendencies. The art-damaged, druggy drone that spans most of the latter half of Ghost, often borders on a cacophony, if not a downright noisy sparring match.  Fans of New Radiant Storm King’s and Mission of Burma’s more unwieldy, dissonant escapades are also encouraged to partake.  

01. In Hope of an Evil Star
02. Japanese Flower
03. Shaky
04. My Little Lioness
05. Charlie Head
06. Toxic Avenger
07. Go Ghost
08. Pretty Spoon

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