Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The Doctors Children - King Buffalo (1987, Down There/Restless)

In 1987 there was a lot of "new music" emanating from the UK - early Madchester swill, C86/indie galore, and the last vestiges of the fading new romantic movement.  As for the Doctors Children they were having none of it, simply opting to be a rock and roll band.  I've sort of been struggling to draw any obvious (or not so) parallels to this long-departed quartet and any of their home-country brethren, and am pretty much stumped.  Lead Doctor Paul Smith recalls the guy from the Wonder Stuff, but that's likely a coincidence.  If anything D/C took to contemporary Americana rock for inspiration, and boasted Hammond organist/harmonica wielder Matthew Woodman in their lineup to bolster such ethos.  And they were adept at delivering the goods - no frills, bells or whistles, just earnest sturdy tunes with more than enough charisma and passion to get by.

King Buffalo is a consolidation of two previous eps that were theretofore only available in the UK.  Buffalo came out in the States on Down There Records, the same imprint responsible for some of The Dream Syndicate's and Green On Red's earliest vinyl offerings, if that means anything to you. 

01. Girl With Green Eyes
02. Cold Climate
03. Rock and Roll Jesus
04. Baby Teardrop
05. Born to Wander
06. Baby Buddha
07. Rose Cottage
08. Me, September 24th, 1983
09. Blessed is the Man
10. When I Was Young


40sk8 said...
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40sk8 said...

Thank you very much. So many years without listening this album

Lucas said...
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caneda said...

The link is dead..kindly re-upload pleaseee.....thank you in advance..