Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Social Club - Flogging Peasants (1988, Petroleum By-Products)

Looks like this is the first entry I've dedicated to a San Jose combo (well, Cupertino anyway).  Close enough.  Social Club were your basic four-piece setup, more left-off-the-dial than left-of-the-dial by the sound of things.  I'm digging the lead-off number here, "Left to Understand," which bears a healthy dollop of the stamina and fervor of period Replacements or Buck Pets.  It's kinda downhill from there, but side-two's commencing "Jump Something Big," is the surlier and darker cousin to the aforementioned flipside cut.  A couple of appealing janglier stabs too - "Hide Your Tears," "Last Chance Home."  As for the rest, Flogging Peasants gets a little bit pedestrian in spots, vaguely reminiscent of David & David, but I'm not really complaining.  And I doubt you'll be either.

01. Left to Understand
02. Nothing New
03. Everywhere
04. Hide Your Tears
05. What Difference
06. Jump Something Big
07. Last Chance Home
08. Kook
09. Gotta Go
10. Up in the Sky


Woody said...

Thank you very much!!!

spavid said...

Sure. You've heard of them?

Woody said...

No se hablar inglés, así que no pillo muy bien que me quieres decir, si es que me quieres decir algo. Únicamente te daba las gracias por el disco. Me ha parecido COJONUDO. Ya siento no poder contestarte en inglés. A cuidarse.

Bruce K. said...

I'm not complaining AT ALL. Those lower tempo ones after the opener I actually like better. The singers voice fits really well with the melancholy tone of many of them. I'm REALLY liking this.