Friday, August 1, 2014

Apples in Stereo - New Magnetic Wonder bonus ep (2007)

In what's turned out to to be a busier than expected summer, I have very little prepped to share this week, but I hope this tides you over.  This promo ep was offered as an incentive for buying the Apples New Magnetic Wonder album a few years ago.  Personally, I always felt Rob Schneider and Co. peaked in the late '90s, but NMW definitely put me back in the groove.  Five cuts are listed below, though only three of them are bona-fide songs.

Will try to get to some more requests and maybe a couple of reviews later this weekend.  Cheers.

01. 1234
02. Skyway (alt vers)
03. Helium
04. Mirror
05. Nectar Of The Golden Life Of Health And Vitality


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Thanks, I had no idea this even existed!

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