Friday, August 29, 2014

Strypes "I Dream" 7" (1983, Strypes Music)

Streamlined but satisfying, Tacoma's Strypes resided on the 'wave' side of the AOR spectrum, leaving me to wonder which camp (if either) took to them more.  Think Shoes or the A's, or to a significantly lesser extent the Cars.  As far as the record is concerned "I Dream" favors guitars, while “I Need Your Love” defers more to synths.  The Strypes discography is padded out with a couple more singles and a full length.

A. I Dream
B. I Need Your Love

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Jesse Seales Guitar Instruction said...

I wrote most of I Dream. Our bass player was Steve Fossen from the famous Seattle group Heart. He was a nice fellow and a pro. It was a good tight creative group.
Jesse Seales