Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Hairs - Subcutaneous (1991, Zero Hour)

I'm guestimating this winsome Aussie bunch were from Perth, as that's where this disk was tracked.  If so, The Hairs were yet another fine addition to their nations' west coast brethren, who could safely be whispered in the same breath as the Stems, DM3, Marigolds, the Waking Hours...and most notably the Someloves.  I put the emphasis on the Someloves, if only by virtue of The Hair's strummy, intoxicatingly tuneful tenor that really seemed to overlap nicely with the scant few records Dom Mariani and Darryl Mather were responsible for just a few years before this trio was presumably inspired to write and record Subcutaneous.  There are moments of sheer Perthection here, "Certified" "Ghost Train" "Time" being three among them.  If the Smithereens, Leatherwoods and Cavedogs are up your four chord alley, you just might be adding The Hairs to that same tier in the very near future.  Bravo.

01. The Ghost Train
02. So Easy
03. Certified
04. Are You Calm
05. What She Is
06. Time
07. That's Wild
08. I Heard You


Bruce K. said...

I am REALLY liking this. On my second listen now. First time around* it really kicked in with the third track "Certified". Nothing revolutionary here, but for this approach it is way beyond the usual or even the good.


* written as "fist time around" initially!

spavid said...

Agreed. Gets better with successive listens.

Bruce K. said...

Agreed. Gets better with successive listens. (Wait, that sounds familiar, but seriously, loving it even more after a few listens today. This is really good.)

Rolo Tomasi said...

Wow, find of the month! great sound!

Jim H. said...

pretty dang good, tho not quite in the realm of Mariani/Mather and the SomeLoves, but good! who knew, as they say! thanks!

Unknown said...

Any chance on re-upping this one? :)

popheaven said...

Can you please re-upload this one?

NewWave Bry said...

hi, i see you reupped, but its down again, can you do it again please?