Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Bamff - Come Outside (1987, Mo Da Mu)

In reference to the album title, I'm not sure how many people accepted Bamff's invitation, but those who did were ensured an intriguing earful.  This synth-dominant Vancouver bunch, fronted by Danice MacLeod, present us with an avant-laden pastiche of stop/start fluctuations, '80s vocal effects and even some fretless basslines, all amidst a reliably plush new wave backdrop.  A surreal sonic dichotomy to say the least, and MacLeod's Elizabeth Fraser-like operatic tact only added to Bamff's artful unorthodoxy.  If you're looking for some immediate insight into the group's modus operandi, check out the video for "Crevice Tool," below, perhaps the first (and only) song to concern a vacuuming implement. 

01. 50 Miles
02. Come Outside
03. Crevice Tool
04. Bat an Eye
05. Little Bush
06. Feeders
07. Pony Hips
08. Endless Discretion


Scaggsaway said...

More of a metaphor, I assume, but Pere Ubu has a song called "Vacuum In My Head" on Ray Gun Suitcase in which it is specified that h has a vacuum cleaner in his head.

Erik said...

There's Seedling's "Sensational Vacuum"...

spavid said...

Bear in mind song isn't about a vacuum cleaner, so much as an attachment.