Saturday, August 30, 2014

Poi Dog Pondering - 8 Songs by... tape (1986)

Admittedly, I never followed Poi Dog Pondering, not remotely in fact, yet when I had the opportunity to snatch up this little curio a couple years back for a song (literally) I didn't pass it up.  When they came "onto the scene" as it were, in the late '80s, I remember that much was made of their neo-folk bent, and comparatively offbeat accoutrements.  Thus, this is what likely turned me off to them, being the indie guitar-rock aficionado that I was well on my way to becoming.   

8 Songs by Poi Dog Pondering was a handspun and very DIY endeavor, consisting of lo-fi bedroom demos by singer guy Frank Orrall, recorded when he was still based in Hawaii.  In fact, this bears little resemblance to the PDP I recall from 120 Minutes and such, offering significantly more in common with early Aztec Camera and the June Brides (the latter is in all probability a coincidence).  I enjoyed this more than I thought would, especially the second half.  Give 'er a listen and comment as you see fit. 

01. Living With The Dreaming Body
02. Barefeet On Wet Earth
03. And I Went Off
04. Everybody's Tryin'
05. Wood Guitar
06. The Strength That I Need
07. You Think Too Much
08. The Big Walk


in one era... and out the other said...

Well, I DID (and do) follow PDP. Saw them many times over the years in Chicago where I grew to really love the band (admittedly more so while they were more folky and less house music). Apparently I didn't follow closely enough, however, because this set is all-new to me and very, very much appreciated! I'm sure you've heard it before (because every PDP fan says it), but you really have to see them in concert to fully get it. Thanks for the fantastic share.

OldDJ said...

Very cool. Love PDP, have a bunch of there stuff (until they turned into a rave/house band...odd left turn there), but I don't have this.

Great listen, cool share!


Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

Love your blog. Love PDP. Never heard this one before. Any chance you have it in lossless?

robgronotte said...

Would love a repost of this one.

Beth said...

Any chance this could be reposted?

Kristin M said...

Oh how I would love a re-post of this one... looks amazing!