Sunday, August 10, 2014

Seething Grey - Big Table demo (1992)

I obtained this lil' guy in a big 'ol lot of demo tapes a couple years back.  Until then I was wholly unacquainted with this Highland Park, NJ trio, but nearly a quarter century after the fact Seething Grey have one more believer in their corner.  Right off the bat, mouthpiece Peter Horvath reminds me of a less raspy Peter Searcy, and furthermore, Big Table's initial three tunes suggest a punchier REM or Gin Blossoms.  The going gets more aggressive  on "Make It Go" which wouldn't sound a bit out of place on Dinosaur Jr's splendid Green Mind.  Capping things off, "All in Your Mind" is a gratifying blast of full fledged punk pop.  It turns out Seething Grey have a couple of CDs to their credit, which are available on CD Baby, iTunes and the like.  

01. Cold
02. Stop to Start
03. Bench
04. Make it Go
05. Desist
06. All in Your Mind


Bruce K. said...

A little punchier REM or Gin Blossoms, OK, I'm in at that. As usual thanks, and I will attempt to let you and Willfully Obscure world) know what I think.

(And thanks to Zippyshare for the link that invites me to "Date a Braziiian!)


ted said...

As one of the surviving members of this trio, I refuse to believe this happened "nearly a quarter century ago." Still, it's to nice to know our fan club has grown to four.

Chavoe said...

Five! Great stuff.

spavid said...

Thanks for commenting Ted. Better late than never.

Peter said...

Peter the mouthpiece here. I listened to this tape recently, and I didn't even cringe...
My current band, for comparison:

Koyott said...

Reup please, mate. Many thanks in advance!