Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Z-Rocks - mLP (1981, Z)

My power pop kick is very much your gain this week.  With that, here's a gem from that genre's classic, turn-of-the-decade ('70s-'80s) era.  Z-Rocks made a splash in their native Houston with a penchant for captivating hooks, crackling guitar lines, and a pinch of punky thrust, drawing from such noteworthy contemps as The Cars and Joe Jackson.  For that matter, the trio color successfully outside the lines on the Merseybeat immersed "Was it a Dream."  Only eight numbers here (seven if you discount the backwards tape experiment "Autoworld), but much more Z-Rocks material has recently been made available online, namely from CD Baby and iTunes (I'll give you a hint - one source is much cheaper than the other).  Finally, you can inquire more about the band here, and find out what a couple of the Z'sters are up to these days.  This rip is taken from my own vinyl copy, and I would encourage you to support Z-Rocks by patronizing the links above.

01. You Know My Name
02. The Teacher's a Punk
03. Don't Ever Tell Me
04. Was it a Dream
05. The Way She Looks at Me
06. Autorock
07. Real World
08. Autoworld


Scaggsaway said...

That CD Baby price is a mistake, right?

spavid said...

I sure hope not.

Theabs06 said...

It's the correct price, what a nice deal!

The Geeks said...

Thanks for review, it was excellent and very informative.
thank you :)