Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The Waking Hours 7" (1992, Brilliant)

It's singles like this that make all the dollar bin rummaging I do worth the dusty task it so often is.  Per the back sleeve, Richmond's Waking Hours bear a certain mod appearance, when in fact they inch more towards the Merseybeat side of things.  I have a name for music of this esteemed caliber - "Ricken-pop," though I don't have an iota of proof that anyone in this trio actually strapped on a Rickenbacker guitar for these two sublime performances.  If you're an aficionado of the Smithereens, Something Fierce, Grip Weeds, or even the Nashville Ramblers, this 45 is worth it's weight in jangly gold.  Check out their Myspace page for more equally divine tunes.

A. What You Don't Know
B. I'm Falling Down



Oxy said...

"Ricken-pop?" I like the phrase. Doesn't matter what kind of guitars they play, you just know what they play. It's the music/genre you're describing and it's a good one! You know exactly what to expect. The better news is these guys are good! Drums are a bit busy, but I can live with it. Really nice vocals and superb guitar work. Brilliant, it is. Sorry there is no full CD.

Thanks for this up. This post fits your blog title well. My only way to hear these guys. This is great Rickenpop! You may be amused to hear I've labeled the genre of these two songs in my iTunes as "rickenpop."

Oxy said...

I stand corrected. After a fairly thorough search, I've found at least three full CDs issued by these gents. Now, where do I find them....

Patrick Fiset said...


Not sure if you look at comments from older post... I'm looking for Cheticamp - Aeroplane vs Automobile ... Link is dead.



spavid said...

Careful there Oxy, because I think there's more than one Waking Hours out there. Try B4 U Buy.

Will try to get to Cheticamp soon Patrick. Cheers.

Patrick Fiset said...

I also wanted to know what is ""the sign at the fork in the road says "straight on...""... since the link is dead.

spavid said...

Here's the new Cheticamp link:


That line was a Portastatic lyric.

Unknown said...

It's a Rickenbacker 330/12 on both tracks - I know cos I played it! :)
Thanks for posting - very cool to see this kinda of stuff!

Koyott said...

reup please. Thanks!