Sunday, September 1, 2013

Treble Charger - Maybe it's Me (1997)

Much like the end of summer itself, Treble Charger's third and most accomplished jewel in their crown is lovingly bittersweet.  The Ontario quartet's power pop stunner Maybe It's Me arrived after a pair of merely okay albums, NC17 and Treble Charger that I would loosely compare to Sloan's SmearedMaybe, on the other hand, was tremendously robust and sonically layered, each song chockablock with a self-contained tackle box worth of hooks to call it's own.  The songwriting was considerably more developed and thoughtful as well.  Though it does brandish notable studio luster (and a walloping, big fat '90s rawk sound), Maybe It's Me is something of a major label miracle in that the quality control is really on the up and up, parallel to records of the same era like the Doughboy's Crush and Summercamp's Pure Juice.  The Treble's decision to tap Lou Giordino as producer didn't hurt either.  Two more T/C albums followed, 2001's respectable Wide Awake Bored, and Detox in '03, the latter of which I thought catered a little to closely to a demographic that was frankly beneath them.  At any rate, they had all their ducks in a row on this one. 

01. Friend of Mine
02. How She Died
03. Stupid Thing to Say
04. Lareen
05. Red
06. Fade
07. Ever She Flows
08. Forever Knowing
09. Mercury Smile
10. Christ is on the Lawn
11. Scatterbrain
12. Takes Me Down
13. Left Feeling Odd

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Theabs06 said...

I always thought this should've been their breakthrough, love the song "Red". Speaking of Summercamp, did they ever follow-up "Pure Juice"? That's another great album from the 90's!

spavid said...

Summercamp recored a second albu, but was never released. Bummer.

Maximum Jack said...

Any chance for re-up, please?

spavid said...

This is now available again from digital retailers, so I'm not really at liberty to share it anymore. My apologies.

Maximum Jack said...

No worries, I'm happy to purchase it. I just assumed it was out of print. Just found it on Amzaon very reasonably priced. Thanks for the heads up and for the awesome Blog!