Friday, August 30, 2013

Kent State - The Wrong Side of History (2011-13)

In the past couple years I've done features on a number of cassette releases by Kent State, a noisenik Baltimore by way of L.A. crew whose raw sonic sprawl melds mangled melodies to scuzzy no-fi guitars.  So impressed am I with their disorienting, abrasive penchant, I'm sharing in it's entirety a newly minted compilation of those limited-run KS tapes, Wrong Side of History, which is now available on LP

Per some of my earlier critiques:

Kent State's murky muck might impress you as a scuzzy, art-damaged deconstruction of everything from Swervedriver to Japandroids, plummeting the fidelity bar basement-ward big time.  ...A brash amalgamation of noisy punk and delirious shoegaze-ridden headiness.  

Check out the goods for yourself, and if you like what you hear, chip in a few bucks for a hard copy, would ya?  Thanks.

01. Behind Closed Doors
02. Disconnected
03. Formaldehyde
04. Time Crimes II
05. Spahn Ranch
06. Crashing Satellies
07. Arcadia
08. Time Crimes
09. Challenger
10. 2814
11. Into to Flies
12. Walk Through Walls
13. Nuclear Winter
14. Hundred Year's War
15. Secrets For Sale
16. Agoraphobic

Now on Bandcamp. Name your own price. You know you want to.


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