Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Church - Gathering Speed live in Stockholm, Melbourne 1982

Well, Wilfully Obscure has been a tad lax this week, so until we get the chance to rip more wax, please partake in this Church bootleg from 1982.  The first eight tracks are derived from a Stockholm, Sweden concert, plus a bonus version of "Is This Where You Live," comes from an April '82 performance in Melbourne.  Blurred Crusade era.  Audience recording.  A big thanks to whomever taped these shows some three decades ago, and also to the individual who was conscientious enough to prepare the artwork. 

02/10/82 The Ritz, Stockholm, Sweden
01. You Took
02. Secret Corners
03. Field of Mars
04. Is This Where You Live?
05. Unguarded Moment
06. Fraulein
07. Just For You
08. Fighter Pilot, Korean War

04/04/82 Prospect Hill, Melbourne 
09. Is This Where You Live?


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