Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Goldspot - Aerogramme (2013) - a brief overview

I'm tempted to say that Goldspot fulcrum Siddhartha Khosla has seized upon the same commercial-indie formula that the Shins/Broken Bells and Rogue Wave have so agilely ushered to the top of the album charts, but that would be assessing things at an almost entirely cosmetic level.  Aerogramme's breezy, goes-down-easy panache and impeccably crisp sonic deployment belies textures aplenty, akin to more than a few layers of onion skin.  But even if you've only in it for the "hooks," Khosla and his cohorts nail it superbly on "The Border Line," "Salt of the Earth," and the gradually intoxicating opener "Abyss."  Check out a sliver called "If the Hudson Overflows," here, and if you're so inclined get he whole shebang from iTunes or Amazon come August 20th.

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