Thursday, August 15, 2013

V/A - Squares Blot Out the Sun (1990, DB)

Per the sleeve notes, this compilation was slated to be issued in 1984, but the unintended layover accorded DB Records to include selections that were recorded beyond the year George Orwell so famously prophesied.  HQ'd in Atlanta,  DB was one of the preeminent Southeasten indie labels of it's era.  Squares Blot Out the Sun functions not so much as a label sampler, but as a summary of rarities and unreleased material from key players in said label's roster.

Athens' Pylon were one of the flagship DB bands, and they're represented here with the single version of "Cool," and an unreleased live cut, "Party Zone" (yes, an instrumental but still worth checking out).  Also from Athens, and checking in with a live track of their own, Oh-OK, who included one Lynda Stipe in their lineup.  We get ace single sides from two Atlanta denizens, The Fans and Brains, and also from the same locale, The Coolies who give Simon and Garfunkel's "Richard Cory" a run for it's money.  The Swimming Pool Q's contribute what appears to be an exclusive to this comp, "Home In."  For that matter Q's singer Anne Richmond Boston chips in a song of her ownWe've also got acoustic Tim Lee, and a pleasant slice of chiming guitar pop courtesy of Austin's Reivers (previously known as Zeitgeist).  The real prize on Squares goes to none other than Matthew Sweet who appears with his wondrous, but short-lived Buzz of Delight, whose post-modern "I've Got Gold" in one of his finest moments...ever.  I'd be remiss if I didn't point out that the two Jack Heard (a collaboration between David Gamble of the Method Actors and Kevin Dunn of the Fans) selections are highly annoying covers that sort of gum up the works - just not enough to disuade you from enjoying in an otherwise Square deal.

01-Pylon - Cool (7" version)
02-The Fans - True
03-Jack Heard - Sex Machine
04-The Reivers - Bidin' Time
05-Tim Lee - Talked About It
06-Side Effects - Neat in the Street
07-Pylon - Party Zone (live)
08-The Swimming Pool Q's - Home In
09-Jack Heard - Burnin' Love
10-The Skeeters - High Noon (Do Not Forsake Me)
11-Oh-OK - Random
12-The Coolies - Richard Cory
13-The Brains - Quick With Your Lip
14-Tom Gray Rick Price Alfredo Villar - Y.O.U. Mistake
15-Buzz of Delight - I've Got Gold
16-Wheel of Cheese - Roadhouse Blues (live)
17-Anne Richmond Boston - Gimme a Room
18-unknown - Stakeout at the Steakhouse



bglobe313 said...

Hey now. It is surprising how good some of the Buzz Of Delight stuff sounds now.

And "acoustic Tim Lee" -- this I have to hear.

Thanks. You will be helping me through a very difficult time.

Ace K.

Harlen Manatee-Farms said...

thanks! a great comp, actually love the Jack Heard!

Harlen Manatee-Farms said...

thanks! actually love the Jack Heard! it's been 25+ years since I've heard it!

Harlen Manatee-Farms said...

thanks! a great comp, actually love the Jack Heard!

spavid said...

Yay! Two satisfied customers. There might be more Tim Lee coming Ace. Hope things are improving for you.

Dr. Strangemonde said...

Ha! Funny that I run across this right after emailing some discog additions and photos of the defaced "End of the Day" poster from the Lodge living room to Rob at!

- "Not Daniel Johnston"

MKV said...

I too got a kick out of Jack Heard, with it's touches of funk and house music but it's rock to be sure. I found myself searching for a discography to no avail apart from a single with a b-side track entitled "Adventures in inbreeding"....sounds like a hoot.

spavid said...

Link has been updated.

WhatTS said...

Some album details here!topic/ including the relevation of Thomas Dolby's involvement in the second Jack Heard track (though I'm with the 'once is enough' crowd)

Bob said...

If I remember correctly, the Coolies song is an alternate version from what was on their album.

Casey said...

Please re-up! Thanks and god bless

We're Late For Class said...

Many thanks. we were after the Q's track, so thanks for keeping this alive.

You wouldn't happen to have the third disc of rarities that came with the Swimming Pool Q's box set, would you?